Phillip W. Prugh (1889-1970)
Philip W. Prugh Illustrations Gallery Magazine Illustrations. From about 1912 to 1932, Prugh worked as an illustrator in Chicago, producing pieces for such publications as Cosmopolitan, Greenbook, The Rotarian, and the Chicago Tribune.
Philip W. Prugh Portraits Gallery Portraits. After returning to Xenia, Ohio, where he grew up, Prugh worked as a portraitist on paintings commissioned by local residents as well as others who sent him carefully produced photographs to work from.
Philip W. Prugh Landscapes Gallery Landscape Paintings. Later in life, Prugh began producing landscapes that were strongly influenced by the French Impressionists.
Philip W. Prugh Scene Paintings Gallery Scene Paintings. Many of the large oils that Prugh produced cross the line from portraiture to scene paintings. Groups of children were frequent subjects of his.
Philip W. Prugh Drawings and Studies Gallery Drawings and Studies. One of the unique features of the Prugh collection is that many of his preliminary drawings and studies are still extant, allowing us to glimpse his method of work as he develops his ideas.