Phillip W. Prugh (1889-1970)


Below are some links to pages related to Philip Prugh and his art work:

The August 1931 issue of the Rotarian, which can be found on Google Books, includes a story "What This Firm Needs--" by William H. McMasters (pp. 13-14, 49-50) that has two quite typical works of Prugh.

The Crooked Lake Review has an article by Herbert A. Wisbey, Jr., about the Ohio statesman and poet Coates Kinney in which they mention a portrait of Kinney done by Prugh in the Yates County Historical Society in Penn Yan, New York. (A black and white photograph of that portrait can be seen in the Portraits page of this site under Gallery.)

The Norman Rockwell Museum owns eleven of Prugh's works, illustrations and studies, produced between 1918 and 1933.

History of the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fourteen: Yale College, Volume 1 (published in 1914) contains a short biography of Philip Prugh on p. 374.

The Prugh Family History hosted by the ReoCities website provides quite detailed genealogical information about Philip Prugh.